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made in italy drip tips

all the concept of the made in italy drip tips is based on the safety of the product.

why our drip tips are so safe?
all the materials that are in contact with the liquid and the person must be "certificated for food contact"
these materials, during their use, shouldn't release "substances" that may be hurtful for the consumers health.

The evaluation of the release of substances from plastic to food is regulated specifically by EU Regulation 10/2011.

The tests have been conducted using:

  • the food simulants, such as: water; aqueous solution of acetic acid; aqueous solution of ethanol; oil (according to EU Reg. 10/2011 and UNI 1186)
  • the times and temperatures that correspond to the worst conditions of contact in real life
  • or for any information given on the product label (according to EU Reg. 10/2011).
The test certificates the amount of "substances" that transfer from the product to outside, all the tests are availablefor viewing on our website.

THE STRENGTH( ph) OF OUR ANODIZING is 3.5 against human ph of 5.5 the average ph of the human skin is 5.5. this make these drip tips the safest on the market.


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